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It’s time to show you something of Christmas and the Holiday season around our house.

The white picket fence in front of our house, with a black iron gate, is the perfect backdrop for a wreath. This boxwood wreath is from Southern States in Carrboro and decorated, very minimally, with Nandina berries from our own bushes.


Holiday greens all ready for a photo shoot! If you follow me on Instagram many of these images will be familiar. But I know many of you never see me over there, thus…I am posting here.

These simple, colorful and festive button daisies seemed so perfect for what I’ve wanted to do for ages: make some “mini-bouquets” in a wine glass!  Then I also added “Ornamental Potting Stone, Jade” from Terrain.  Take a look at all the many jars of different stones they have: the variety is amazing.
One jar goes a lo…ng way.


We have been entertaining! This was from two nights ago, showing the very cute place card holders I had bought in Paris, in the Village St. Paul. Water glass was a set given to my parents for their wedding. The small red one is […]


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It’s already December and life is busy.

I’m here to say hello but to let you know I won’t be around on a regular basis for several weeks.
If you are a subscriber, you will receive an email any time I post. But it won’t be often!

I’m going to try to do more photography…as well as quite a bit of entertaining and, you know, the usual holiday busy-ness.

img_9819_wm A collection of greens, 2016, on a farmhouse board.

But wait! There was one more thing I wanted to tell you all: you need to watch
“The Crown” on Netflix!! Excellent, excellent. Highly recommended!
Ok, that’s it for now…



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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas


Seasons Greetings

Flowers in our house this week:








I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your family, the food, your house, your travels, or your gifts….

I will be taking a break and be back in the New Year!





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Do you know about Christmas cards or gift tags that you can print out at home?

I’m sure some of you know all about this and have done it before but for those of you new to this, let me show you.

I have been busy with graphic designs these last few weeks. From my own artwork I have developed three collections of Christmas and Holiday gift cards. There are several sizes and shapes. All the designs can be viewed on your computer and printed for your use.

Here is an overview of the three different pages of designs:

IMG_5297_wm Three different collections of graphic designs, each on it’s own sheet, ready to print out.


Each collection is on one sheet of paper…a standard 8.5″ x 11″…and each is saved as a PDF. Each page is ready to either download or print. I’ve given you cutting lines where necessary and instructions.

IMG_5303_wm Some of the tools you will need: ruler, scissors and a cutting knife.


Collection #1
“For You”


 The finished product, above, and the downloadable file, below:

For You Square 2 x6 72 This is how it […]


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It’s not  “Friday Flowers” today…but since Christmas is on nearly everyone’s mind I thought I would share some of these elegant, pretty, sometimes petite, and very special……
Holiday Trees.

 Totally elegant in its traditional simplicity:

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 to lots of sparkle:

a29523fdb45d0f68bc4b70907c028fb6 {source}

to simple but contemporary:

de5fe5af889e375239528fbd9b3ffbde {source}


 to fun, fun, fun:

102094525.jpg.rendition.largest {source}


 to whimsical:

57987aa896f56c931316391d91219585 {source}

There are times, and places, when a small tree is so perfect. Of course, if you live in a small apartment a tabletop tree is made to order. Or maybe you won’t really be celebrating Christmas in your house and yet want to have something to sparkle for the season. Or, you just do not want to expend the energy and time involved in buying, setting up, and decorating a large tree (Libby, is that you?)
Not to mention the fact that some of these trees are just plain pretty! How about that copper pot/container? Or have you ever seen a red and burlap bow look so elegant?
For more suggestions and eye […]


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Some Valentines happenings around here!


Gift packaging and a crafty card for someone special!
(love that Washi tape, don’t you?)





What could be nicer than red and white tulips?




It’s been a very strange week for many of us with snow, sleet and ice. We’ve been housebound for days; we’ve brought out the heavy snow boots we thought we would never, ever have to use again; and we’ve been very busy on social media to connect with friends.

It’s going to get warmer! And yes, spring is just around the corner. Hope you all stay safe and warm and […]

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