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Tulips My very favorite flower. Princess Irene This was not my best year for tulips. I think the warm winter didn't allow them time to fully develop: some of them came up quickly, were short and stumpy, or had flower heads that were much too heavy and large for the stem. Not sure. However, yes, I did get some really nice shots of those that flowered and put on quite a show! The next four shots are Tulip Blumex Favorite from Wayside Gardens       Ok, I have to admit, they were pretty stunning! And mixed in there is the Triumph Princess Irene from Terra Ceia.   These next three pictures are Sensual Touch from Burpee     These bloomed very late, well after all the others, and were definitely stunted in growth. Short stems with bulbous flower heads....not quite what I had been expecting! But yes, they make great photo subjects. Here are some of the Blumex tulips, fading as cut flowers. I tend to love tulips as they fade and droop: what fabulous photo subjects they make! As you can see, my color story this year was variations on orange... maybe no big surprise there. So, what for next year? I've already made note of two new (to me) tulips from different people I follow on Instagram and who [...]


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Dreaming of flowers yet to appear: and all of these are yellow. I was never really keen on yellow flowers, but preferred the blues and pinks. But that was in a different climate! Here, in the Piedmont of North Carolina where the summers can be brutal, it's the yellow flowers that outshine, and outlast, all others.       A page from my garden planner!       I had posted this two years ago! My Recommendations: for (almost) foolproof, heat tolerant, summer flowering yellows Helianthus 'Table Mountain' Heliopsis 'Summer Sun" Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes'     aka 'Gloriosa Daisy' Helianthus 'Western Sunflower' Rudbeckia ‘Henry Eilers’ I have grown all of these and love them. They do seem to flower a little earlier each year that they are in the garden..but that's fine with me. Just be sure they are not in damp, wet soil. They love dry. With all the rain we have here for the last two weeks I noticed that one of my Table Mountain plants had pretty much rotted at the soil line, so out it went today. But on my hot Southern slope they are growing by leaps and bounds.    


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The garden has been busy all of April, as have I. It's been a very cool, grey and damp Spring in this part of the country: not great for wanting to be out in the garden but wonderful for all the plants! Let's do a quick review of the month in my garden, beginning at the 3rd of April. These were the gorgeous "Double Late Gudoshnik" tulips. Do you like them? Here they are again, mixed with some store-bought Ranunculus:   And then we had the MOST stunning "Monte Orange" (double) tulips. These were really show stoppers and I will definitely be planting these again next year.   The always lovely and charming "Viburnum Carlessi" or Korean Spice Viburnum. I had these up North in the Hudson Valley where they did very well and, much to my surprise, they do just as well down here. What a wonderful vanilla scent!   All of a sudden...the Columbine appeared! I only have this blue color (yes, poor me...) but was just given some seeds for the very dark almost-black variety, Black Barlow.  I'm hoping some of those will take for next year!     And finally, today which is actually reaching into May. The Snapdragons have finally started to flower: I bought and planted them last October and you cannot imagine how sorry they looked all [...]


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It always surprises me...just how early Spring arrives here in North Carolina. Having made it through December and January I still think of winter hanging on for at least a month or two. But wait...... that was when I lived up North! We have certainly had our share of grey, drizzly days here but we have also had some gorgeous, warm days. It is on those days that the flowering trees have taken off (see below) and the bulbs have produced cutting-worthy flowers. Take a look at some images from the last few days: Okame Cherry     Winter Honeysuckle (lonicera fragrantissima)   Star Magnolia   Magnolia 'Ann'   My Pansies: and yes, I have been feeding them for a few weeks now!     Hyacinths. These seem to spread rapidly and in unexpected places!   I have made a note in my garden journal to plant more daffodils in the fall. Such a delicate scent. Some bi-color and white would be very nice! We're back to colder days at the moment but oh my, the grass is green! I'll be back on Sunday for some newsy updates... SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


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It's mid-summer and the garden is flourishing. Despite the extreme heat and drought, my flowers are doing just fine. And the butterflies are happy! For those of you who received this post in your email: I am having problems with the email delivery, thus a day late. Not sure when it will be resolved, so you may receive posts at odd times! I am off on an adventure all week, so will try to check in.         How is your garden doing? Have a wonderful summer weekend, everyone.


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You know just how much I like orange, right? I came across this the other day, from Graf and Lantz Hana Tote in Safety Orange   In Orange They come in lots of other luscious colors. And many other styles. All Graf Lantz products are made in the United States! Yes, they are ALL made in Los Angeles. And, if you click on their home page, Graf Lantz, you will get a pop up box offering you an additional 10% off anything in your first purchase. Not bad, considering these are already discounted on sale. I do actually have one of their bags and had written about it : My Favorite Bag: Made From Felt Yes, I still use it and still love it! It's becoming a bit dog-eared around the edges, but it has held up very, very well over the years. Please do let us know if you own one of these..or if you purchase one!

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