Yes, it’s been a while y’all!

Now that the Autumn Equinox has passed I am, once again, working hard on all my products and getting them ready for fall and holiday shows. So I thought maybe you would like to see what’s been happening. I know many of you do not follow me on Instagram (@aneyefordetail) so you won’t be seeing products and shop updates.

If you go to the top of this page you will see some tabs. One of them is “My Shop.”  Click on that and you will see all that I am offering! The first section is “Pressed Flower Frames.”  These are my pride and joy!!  I love designing them, love the process, enjoy collecting the flowers, leaves, ferns and then searching my boxes for vintage paper and bits and bobs. For me, it is just plain fun.

Yes, you can buy these in my Etsy shop. But you can also buy them at two different shops here in the Chapel Hill area:

My Muses Card Shop


North Carolina Botanical Garden Shop

I’ll be posting all about the Holiday Makers Markets coming up and where and when I will be there; so stay tuned!


I just started working on these last week. I call them “Wooden Box Frames.”  I know, not too original, but the name says it all!

I buy the raw wooden frames; these come with a slot at the top and two pieces of acrylic. First I paint the frames; I like the dark “Charleston” green, don’t you? I design and affix the flowers, papers, whatever to one piece of the acrylic, cover with the second piece and slide it into the frame. I then seal it at the top.

I’m thinking of concentrating the design in these using my own hand painted water color flowers in combination with other elements.

My two local shops LOVED these when I took them around…so I am madly producing enough for shops as well as my shows.

On vera, n’est-ce pas?

I would love to hear your comments and hope to show you lots more of what I’ve been doing. The fall is a busy time for me so I am happy!