It’s time to show you something of Christmas and the Holiday season around our house.

The white picket fence in front of our house, with a black iron gate, is the perfect backdrop for a wreath. This boxwood wreath is from Southern States in Carrboro and decorated, very minimally, with Nandina berries from our own bushes.


Holiday greens all ready for a photo shoot! If you follow me on Instagram many of these images will be familiar. But I know many of you never see me over there, thus…I am posting here.

These simple, colorful and festive button daisies seemed so perfect for what I’ve wanted to do for ages: make some “mini-bouquets” in a wine glass!  Then I also added “Ornamental Potting Stone, Jade” from Terrain.  Take a look at all the many jars of different stones they have: the variety is amazing.
One jar goes a lo…ng way.


We have been entertaining! This was from two nights ago, showing the very cute place card holders I had bought in Paris, in the Village St. Paul. Water glass was a set given to my parents for their wedding. The small red one is an antique family set.

The McK is from my Mother’s family and is part of my middle name (or was, until I got married..) The glasses are really very small: but yes, they were for wine. Remember, wine was not a free flowing commodity as it is now and each drop was savored.


And here is one of my favorite shots I’ve taken recently. I love mercury glass. It’s a recent love, and, with votive candles inside these small holders, the light is lovely. And more Nandina berries.. I submitted this shot for the Instagram hashtag, #inawhitebowl, which is one of my favorite hashtags. Here is the link to my image.


Last but not least: this was on my morning walk a week ago. Our village is known for its Belties and here they are eating breakfast!


Happy Christmas and Holidays to everyone!