Do you know about Christmas cards or gift tags that you can print out at home?

I’m sure some of you know all about this and have done it before but for those of you new to this, let me show you.

I have been busy with graphic designs these last few weeks. From my own artwork I have developed three collections of Christmas and Holiday gift cards. There are several sizes and shapes. All the designs can be viewed on your computer and printed for your use.

Here is an overview of the three different pages of designs:


Three different collections of graphic designs, each on it’s own sheet, ready to print out.


Each collection is on one sheet of paper…a standard 8.5″ x 11″…and each is saved as a PDF. Each page is ready to either download or print. I’ve given you cutting lines where necessary and instructions.


Some of the tools you will need: ruler, scissors and a cutting knife.


Collection #1
“For You”


 The finished product, above, and the downloadable file, below:

For You Square 2 x6 72

This is how it will look once you print it out. Click HERE to download and print the PDF.


Collection #2
“Holiday Dots”


This is the 3″ square, folded, card.


Square Dots Tag_wm

This is the smaller, 2″, one-sided card.


 And here is the sheet you will see, ready to print out:

Dot Card Sheet 72

Click HERE to download and print this design!


Collection #3
“Red Stripe Holiday”






And the full sheet, ready to print:

Holiday Stripe Sheet 72

Click HERE to download and print.


Here are a few suggestions and tips:

1. When you CLICK HERE, as instructed, you will see the file/page in Dropbox. That is where the file is “stored”. At the top you can simply click the printer icon and print the sheet; OR you can Download and then print. For some reason…I have no idea why….it has worked better for me to download and then print. Try it and see what you think.

You will not be able to print from an iPad: the PDF in Dropbox will be visible but not printable. You will need to do this from a desktop or laptop computer.

2. Regarding paper. I have found that glossy works best. You will get the most vibrant color with a gloss and not a matte. I have been using a 60# stock from RedRiverPaper. This is a wonderful source for all kinds of printing paper.

3. Please remember: these are copyrighted designs! Feel free to use them for any personal purposes, but they are not to be reused for any commercial purpose at all.

I’m hoping to offer more printables in the future, and probably as a seasonal design offering. Winter, and then Valentines, is next up. I would love to know what you think of these!