My name is Libby.

I have been a blogger for many years: from way back when it was a small community to the present day where it has become another piece of the social media puzzle.

I have been in the visual arts most of my working career. I began as a textile designer in New York, moved on to product design and eventually owned my own design studio in the Hudson Valley. We licensed designs to major manufacturers of many kinds of home furnishings products : fabric, paper, rugs, ceramics and packaging. Yes, we had lots of fun!

And now I have an Etsy shop: www.etsy.onenumbereight where I design and sell fun, colorful accessories for you and your home.

What you can expect if you follow me:

Gardening is a passion of mine. I tend my own garden but also love visiting gardens in this country and overseas. You will see pictures of gardens, flowers, some “how-to’s”, and lots of garden sharing.

Joyful Ageing : It’s a process! If you follow along here you will receive lots of tips and suggestions about hair, makeup, skin care, some fashion suggestions and a general glass-half-full attitude. Since I am most definitely in the “over-60 category” I speak with some knowledge!

I am a Mother. But I am a Mother in a special category: our only child and daughter lives overseas in England. So I guess I am an ex-pat Mum with all the challenges and wonder that entails.