It’s not  “Friday Flowers” today…but since Christmas is on nearly everyone’s mind I thought I would share some of these elegant, pretty, sometimes petite, and very special……
Holiday Trees.

 Totally elegant in its traditional simplicity:

 to lots of sparkle:

to simple but contemporary:


 to fun, fun, fun:


 to whimsical:

There are times, and places, when a small tree is so perfect. Of course, if you live in a small apartment a tabletop tree is made to order. Or maybe you won’t really be celebrating Christmas in your house and yet want to have something to sparkle for the season. Or, you just do not want to expend the energy and time involved in buying, setting up, and decorating a large tree (Libby, is that you?)
Not to mention the fact that some of these trees are just plain pretty! How about that copper pot/container? Or have you ever seen a red and burlap bow look so elegant?
For more suggestions and eye candy, go on over to the sidebar where, as promised, I have a link to my Pinterest Board,
“Tabletop Christmas Trees”

I haven’t planned to do any “gift guides” or go too deeply into Christmas; you can see plenty of that all over the web.
But I will be posting a few more days of Christmas findings and general holiday decor!