Due to popular demand (!) and after looking over some of my more popular posts I will do a short recap here of what I am packing for my upcoming trip.

It’s a tricky one. A week in Manchester, UK where I will be staying in daughter’s house: she, her husband, the baby and the dog. It’s bound to be cooler than here in North Carolina; and chances are it will be wet some of the time. But I DO keep clothes over there. Sweat pants, sweaters, socks, pajamas, warm flannel robe, assorted hair and skin products. And of course I can, and do, use some of her things .

Let’s begin with my first week and what I will be doing:

This visit I will be doing some gardening. Surprise surprise! They bought a cart load of plants and bulbs in anticipation. Last May we had a great time planting for spring and summer. I am happy to say the Sweet Pea seeds germinated beautifully and they had lovely flowers; the hanging planter we bought at the local allotment sale is still…. going strong; the geraniums have flourished; and on and on.  So this time it will be bulb planting in the bed in front and in pots in back. And there is talk of my redoing a planter box outside the kitchen window!

P.S. We have also entered THE pup, Winnie, in a dog show . This should be lots of fun!

A tiny sneak preview of the before!

Now we come to just what I am taking.

Casual is the key word.  I find that Athleta has almost everything I ever need, not only for a trip, but for everyday wear. Their clothes are well made and even the length is fine for me (at 5″3″ it is often a problem!)  Here are two of my favorites. And, on the left I’ve added my always popular and oh so comfortable travel pants from Garnet Hill.

Garnet Hill

Brooklyn Ankle Pant

Coastal Luxe Jogger

How to stay warm on a long flight.

This has, increasingly, become a major issue! They are keeping the temps down on so many flights. One flight crew told me that the 737’s are particularly chilly. My seat selection varies with each flight. We always fly Economy; would I like to be up in Premium? Oh yes, for sure. But no, I refuse to either pay for that or use more miles. No way. So of course seat selection is important. Well… actually, no it’s not. You will get there no matter where you sit. You will most likely be cramped no matter the seat.

Back to my original premise of how to stay warm. Layers people; layers. Non-underwire bra for a long trip; then a camisole; next a long sleeve T-shirt; then a cardigan sweater of some kind; always a scarf of some sort; a wrap of your choice; and finally, that lightweight sweater coat you take out of your carry on before heading to the departure gate and somehow twist it around either your backpack or carry on.

And now to my favorite shoes.

Frankie4.  Their shoes, and these sneakers in particular, are THE BEST.  I had bought them last winter when I went to Edinburgh. I wore them, non-stop, for four days and I have to say, they are the most comfortable shoes ever. They come with an entire kit of inserts so if the sneaker/shoe feels a bit loose, then insert the full length insert. Or not.  Really,  I absolutely swear by them.


Dimity Silver

The final pack!

Whew! That was a lot to fit in here. My flight leaves in a few hours; here’s hoping the rail strike won’t impact my train tomorrow morning too terribly.