Do you exercise?

Do you work out?

What do you do?  Walk, run, swim, cardio, pilates, yoga?

I thought I would tell you what I do and, if you have questions, ask away!

I have been exercising, in some way, for about thirty years. Yes, I know, that seems forever doesn’t it? And from me, who HATED all sports in school and left many a summer camp when I had to pass a swim test, run a certain distance in a set amount of time etc. Oh yes, anything to avoid all that!

Let’s skip about twenty years later… I had had my baby;  gyms and running and workouts were entering the mainstream and I knew it was time to start. But you know, lifting weights and going to cardio classes turned out not to be so awful! I actually liked it. I made friends at the gym. I LOVED the high intensity step class (do they still offer those anywhere?)

And now, let’s skip another ten or twenty years to the “time of Covid.” No more gym. I bought a stationary bike and within a month knew I hated it. Some lucky person at Habitat has an almost new bike!

All this long story to say that I discovered the best exercise videos! The program is called

Silver & Fit

It is part of Silver Sneakers which is a program for Seniors (you have to be on Medicare i.e. 65+) available at many gyms nationwide. But the most wonderful part of it happened because of Covid! They started offering 30 minute workouts with several teachers. You don’t have to watch live as they are all recorded. And no, you do not have to be 65+ to watch on the YouTube link above.

Cardio; Balance; Dance; Yoga; Tai Chi; Strength & Bodyweight; Weight Training….the list goes on.  Each “specialty” has one or two teachers who offer a class2-3x a week. Each class is original and new.

My very very favorite is Penny! She has been with them, I think, from the very beginning. She is fabulous. Thirty minutes of no nonsense exercise, no young “squeakers” as I call the hot pink clad, long blond hair pulled into a top knot young women who run so many classes. No, I cannot abide them. This is definitely a series for an older, but active, group. No slouching here. I wear my Apple watch and usually get my heart rate up to 135-140. Oh, it feels


Yours Truly Pre-Covid (with a trainer)

And now…. what to wear!

Just the basics.  My go to shop is always Athleta. I know, they are pricey BUT the fabrics are soft, stretch nicely and seem to last forever. These blue leggings are my favorites. This yellow top: I’m going to have to go buy this! I like tops without sleeves (sweat and all that!). And the bra. Well, I get SO frustrated at jog bras that are impossible to take off overhead after a workout. Just awful. So this brand, Third Love, has a brand new hook and eye bra that I will be buying soon.  btw: their regular bras are the absolute best; but more on that in another post!

But wait!

This is only part of my workout. I have another on-line program that I combine after this one. So stay tuned: to be continued!

Please, I hope you will let us know about your workouts: what you do, why you do it and any suggestions for everyone……..