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I’m not a TV watcher. It’s very, very rare that we turn on our TV and then it’s usually for Masterpiece Theatre. But it’s been months and months since I’ve looked at it.

And then, last week, a friend asked if I was watching
The Durrells in Corfu on PBS

Because I had already missed two weeks/episodes, I went to ITunes to buy the series. Then, somehow, I got to the main PBS page. Do you know,if you make a donation (either at one time or, as I did as a monthly sponsor) you have access to ALL of PBS?

It’s sort of like subscribing to Netflix.


So, I’ve watched and been totally entranced with the Durrell family. It’s a wonderful, wonderful series.

Wanting to know more about how Lawrence Durrell, the writer, actually fits into this I did some background research. In this series he is the eldest brother who arrives on Corfu with his Mother and his siblings. In “real life” he and his wife were already there when, in 1935, his Mother and his three siblings arrived.
The series is based on Gerald (the youngest sibling) Durrell’s trilogy, “My Family and Other Animals.” Gerry, in the TV series, is absolutely captivating!

I’ve watched 3 of the […]


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This is one great tech accessory!

The Dulla Portable Power Bank

Dulla-portable-powerbank screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-5-19-25-pm

This little gem of a tech gadget will charge your iPhone 4-5 times before you have to recharge the actual powerbank.

It’s simple: plug in your phone to one of the two USB ports at the end (or attach two phones), press the blue button over on the left, and your phone will recharge. Of course, you can use the phone while this is happening. It will also charge iPads and iPods.

I have found it takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge my phone, but I rarely let it run down lower than 20% so I’m not quite sure of the exact time.

Dulla-power-bank-portals screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-4-53-41-pm

Then, to recharge this baby, just plug in the supplied cord and it should fully recharge in five hours. There are also four blue lights that indicate battery level on the charger. It arrives, out of the box, fully charged.

I’m telling you…this is a great gadget. We will be driving all over France and I’ll be using my phone for most, if not all, my pictures. So I’ve been worried about the phone running low at some point […]


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I know, I know…it’s been a L O N G time with no regular posts, right?
Here is what is happening.

Look around and you will see some changes on the blog!


We are slowly making some progress!

  • All new header. The old one was just too heavy. We lightened up, have a new design and new fonts!
  • New colors…well, actually combining some of the previous colors with new.
  • Sidebar has been redesigned with new titles, new formats and yes, the “Blogs I Read” list will be moving. (It’s still there for now, but any day it will be gone..)  All my recommended blogs will be in the menu item, at top, under “Blogs I Recommend.” The list was too long to remain on the Home Page. At least, that’s how I feel right now. Subject to change…

We’re trying out new widgets over there on the right, so don’t be bothered if it all doesn’t seem quite right! A few more days and it will be settled. Whew! You can see more of the process during my last blog update in 2014 in this post.

In the meantime, I have made my pilgrimage up to Chanticleer Garden!!!
Yes, indeed. And it was spectacular. I’ll be posting all […]


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Do you know about Christmas cards or gift tags that you can print out at home?

I’m sure some of you know all about this and have done it before but for those of you new to this, let me show you.

I have been busy with graphic designs these last few weeks. From my own artwork I have developed three collections of Christmas and Holiday gift cards. There are several sizes and shapes. All the designs can be viewed on your computer and printed for your use.

Here is an overview of the three different pages of designs:

IMG_5297_wm Three different collections of graphic designs, each on it’s own sheet, ready to print out.


Each collection is on one sheet of paper…a standard 8.5″ x 11″…and each is saved as a PDF. Each page is ready to either download or print. I’ve given you cutting lines where necessary and instructions.

IMG_5303_wm Some of the tools you will need: ruler, scissors and a cutting knife.


Collection #1
“For You”


 The finished product, above, and the downloadable file, below:

For You Square 2 x6 72 This is how it […]


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No Friday Flowers today but instead I want to show you my

Morning Light Details

Morning Light Details is actually a hashtag (#) I use over on Instagram. If you go to my Instagram page, click on the image of “One Leaf Four Ways” you will see #morninglightdetails over there on the right.
For those of you Instagram-savy, just bear with me!

I post often to Instagram. It’s kind of a daily posting of where I am, what I’m seeing, new things I like, ways of looking and photographing scenes or objects, and whatever catches my eye. It is, by far, my favorite social media tool! It’s very visual and yes, it’s really very easy to share just about anything with followers and the world. If you don’t have an Instagram account you can still stay tuned in by coming here, to the blog, and going over to the sidebar to this icon:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.31.29 PM Click HERE

One leaf four ways_wm This was just taken and formatted today, Thursday.


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.47.26 PM_wm

Following are miscellaneous shots, all taken in the morning, and […]


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Raise your hand if you know about

Hmm. No, I didn’t think I would see many hands.
So let me tell you about this product.

Photojojo promotes itself as having
“The Most Awesome Photo Gifts and Gear for Photographers”;
the tag line says: “for iPad/Instagram/Android/IPodTouch/Vine Photographers.”

Since I have an iPhone, those are the products I was looking at. There are ALL sorts of accessories for iPhone photography, but their series of lenses is what has made news for the brand, and is what I purchased a month ago.

I bought this Wide Angle/Macro lens for $20.00. Since I don’t have a real macro lens for my Canon Rebel T3, I thought this would be great (not to mention fun and sort of cutting edge!)


The site states:
“How it works: each set comes with an adhesive removable metal ring. The ring (or plate) sticks to the back of your phone, and the phone lens attaches magnetically. Snap it on and off in an instant!”

Yes, this is true. But it depends: depending on your model and make phone,you may need to use the ring,or you may need to use the strip. For me, with the iPhone 5 it was the strip. They provide a strip in both […]

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