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Paper Doilies for Entertaining

Who knew that fun, colorful paper doilies could be so hard to find? You can find white, or even gold or silver, almost anywhere and in square or round sizes. But of course, I was after something fun and colorful…..
And then I happened to be in Michaels and there they were!!

The package includes 8 each of 8, 10 and 12″; one size in each design above.

Not only were they available in the set above, but I also found this set of cardboard cake boards. The top, decorated side is a thick plastic coated surface.

I mean, just how cute are these?


I had volunteered to bring a plate of dessert snacks to a Club meeting and, although I wasn’t able to attend, I left this pretty plate off early. Yes, I cheated and bought the cupcakes!

The silver plate here is actually a charger sold also at Michaels. But it is NOT safe for food of any kind which is clearly stated on the back. So these paper doilies work beautifully here.


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My tulip panic was for naught!

Yes, they came up very early and in a new, strange way due to the early warm weather here followed by a normal cooler cycle but in the end, they have been just fine. It IS difficult to put together three varieties and have them all bloom within a few days of each other. White is always problematic I have found: they invariably flower later than other colors.

Above and below are Cathernia (white), Caravelle (deep purple) and Menton (pink) all  from
John Scheepers.


It’s hard to tell the difference, but the pink above and below here is Tulip Lambada and Mystic Van Eijk from Longfield.


And now, for the biggest surprise (for me!) These orange streaked tulips that I didn’t think I had ordered when I showed them to you two weeks ago….well, yes indeed I DID order them.
These are Blushing Apeldoorn and the fringed are Tulip Lambada.
They are my new favorite tulip: bright, cheerful, nice form and just plain gorgeous. I think next year I may plant one […]


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Today’s flower subject is Amaryllis.
How do YOU feel about them? Do you like them? Do you grow them?

I’ve only grown them twice, in the very distant past. But this year I was given one by Marian St. Clair who stayed with us for the night while giving a (fabulous!)
talk to our Garden Club.

There it is! “Cherry Nymph”, kindness of Marian.

Because I was/am fascinated by this plant, I decided to do a daily photo journal. Would you like to see? Read on…..

I planted it in soil on December 12 and, because I didn’t read instructions carefully (sound familiar?) I put it in a cool, fairly dark spot. NO  NO NO!  Nothing seemed to be happening, so thanks to Longfield Garden, I moved it to a warm, sunny, bright spot with lots of sun. And so it flourished . I didn’t start the photo journal until I really had something to show you, which was the day before Christmas, December 24th.

And then, on the 24th I noticed ALL the pesky fruit flies around the plant and in the kitchen . Oh yuck, what […]


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Out and about in the neighborhood.

I couldn’t believe that the lavender was still looking this good! This was just this morning while I was out on a bike ride:



And these roses. I posted one on Instagram the other day.
So so lovely!





Then, this dahlia. It’s not mine…but oh so gorgeous!



More orange.
What gorgeous Cannas. I will find out which they are, but haven’t had time yet! These belong in my garden…


Is this warm weather ever going to end? It was 85 here today and no rain in sight. I need to think about planting my tulip bulbs but it’s still much too warm.
‘Til next week!




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Let’s pause with the travel posts (although an information-packed one is coming next week!) and talk about getting the garden ready for next spring.

Southern-States-Carrboro img_4130 Southern States in Carrboro, NC my go-to garden center.

#1 Suggestion:

Fall is, of course, THE time to do any planting. Your shrubs and perennials will thank you for getting them into the ground in the fall and NOT in the spring. By planting in the fall the plants have time to establish roots (below ground) before putting all their energy into flowering and growing (above ground.)  It’s tempting, of course, to buy buy buy in the spring when you can actually SEE the pretty flowers on each plant. But horticulturally speaking, it’s best if you buy in the fall when the plants look half dead and dormant. Believe me, they are not!

#2 Suggestion:

Let’s order some tulips!
If you have been reading my blog for a while you know how I love tulips. I order at least 100 bulbs each fall. And…..yes…..I pull out each and every tulip after it has bloomed. I do this for several reasons:

1)You can never know what is going to make it for the next year. No matter what your climate, from Chicago to North Carolina, many bulbs […]


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The Rose of Sharon is one of my favorite plants.
It is actually a deciduous shrub and a member of the hibiscus family. While there are many cultivars (which translates into choices as to color and size) my favorite has always been this beautiful blue, “Blue Satin Rose.”
Gorgeous color for many weeks even here in the hot South. Ours is planted in full HOT sun about four feet away from blacktop and now, in its third full season, I never water it. And it thrives!

Blue Satin 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



I may actually prefer the buds to the full flowers!




But wait!
We have another Rose of Sharon,



This is the “Double Purple Althea” because, yes, it has double flowers. We have it had it for three years and it must be 8′ tall this season! The Blue Satin seems to be a slightly slower grower…but that’s fine by me.

Some people have a problem with this shrub self seeding and becoming almost invasive. I’ve never found this…but if you cut off the spent, brown flowers […]

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