The garden has been busy all of April, as have I.
It’s been a very cool, grey and damp Spring in this part of the country: not great for wanting to be out in the garden but wonderful for all the plants!

Let’s do a quick review of the month in my garden, beginning at the 3rd of April. These were the gorgeous “Double Late Gudoshnik” tulips. Do you like them?

Here they are again, mixed with some store-bought Ranunculus:


And then we had the MOST stunning “Monte Orange” (double) tulips. These were really show stoppers and I will definitely be planting these again next year.


The always lovely and charming “Viburnum Carlessi” or Korean Spice Viburnum. I had these up North in the Hudson Valley where they did very well and, much to my surprise, they do just as well down here. What a wonderful vanilla scent!


All of a sudden…the Columbine appeared! I only have this blue color (yes, poor me…) but was just given some seeds for the very dark almost-black variety, Black Barlow.  I’m hoping some of those will take for next year!



And finally, today which is actually reaching into May. The Snapdragons have finally started to flower: I bought and planted them last October and you cannot imagine how sorry they looked all winter! But I fed/watered them maybe twice a month with Miracle Gro liquid and, once again, it worked wonders. Now, maybe they would have come along on their own, but I think feeding them, just a bit, all through the winter really does give them a jump start in the spring.

Wait! Wait! Don’t go away….

One last thing to show you! I found this neat little plant ties just the other day and thought you might like to try them. So easy! One package has a variety of sizes:

 Sturdy Plant Locks

So easy to use: no more string, scissors or fussing. I’ve used them on several kinds of plants now, from very fragile to four foot high lily stems and they work beautifully!

Happy Gardening Weekend….