Dreaming of flowers yet to appear: and all of these are yellow.
I was never really keen on yellow flowers, but preferred the blues and pinks. But that was in a different climate! Here, in the Piedmont of North Carolina where the summers can be brutal, it’s the yellow flowers that outshine, and outlast, all others.




A page from my garden planner!


yellow flowers



I had posted this two years ago!

My Recommendations:
for (almost) foolproof, heat tolerant, summer flowering yellows

I have grown all of these and love them. They do seem to flower a little earlier each year that they are in the garden..but that’s fine with me. Just be sure they are not in damp, wet soil. They love dry. With all the rain we have here for the last two weeks I noticed that one of my Table Mountain plants had pretty much rotted at the soil line, so out it went today. But on my hot Southern slope they are growing by leaps and bounds.