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It’s that wonderful time of year: Peony Season!
Oh, the colors. Oh, the texture and shape. Oh, the scent. And oh, the
They are easy to love, right?

IMG_0951_wm White on white: it doesn’t get any better than this!


IMG_0954-1_wm Applying filters and presets gives an antique look.


IMG_7353_wm Sometimes the buds are even better than the flowers…

And a peak at my Louisiana Iris:


It’s interesting to look back over posts featuring these iris: this is year #5 and they have certainly gotten taller and bigger. But you know…I liked them when they were shorter and more unique! In any case, I adore the color, the leaves, and just how different they are from the germanica. You can read and see more HERE and HERE.

It’s almost the weekend which means lots of time in the garden! Hoping you have a wonderful one.



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The week in flowers. Actually, it was a short week as I was away until two days ago.

You may have seen this posted on my Instagram and Facebook page, but for the rest of you…
my first morning back home was very peaceful, sitting right here!

Garden Gate_wm

A bouquet from the garden, yesterday:


Louisiana Iris, Teddy Bear:
Year three and they are thriving!

Louisiana Iris Teddy Bear_wm


The last peony of the year, with some more snapdragons:


It’s a holiday weekend, so I’ll be taking a short break.
See you later next week!



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It’s that time of year again!


IMG_6101_wm This might be Moonstone, but I’m not sure. The established plant came with the house.


IMG_6148_wm And this one is, I think, Sarah Bernhardt. Any one know for sure? It might be a little too deep in color. In any case, it’s gorgeous and always flowers about a week later.


IMG_7621_wm I played with light levels here to get this washed out look; nice with the white flowers…

The leaves in these two images are Solomon’s Seal/ polygonatum. I had actually never heard of it until we moved here and a friend gave me a few cuttings. Not much happened for two years, but now…they have exploded. Mine are in partial shade and loving it.


And some more of the variegated Solomon’s Seal in a mixed bouquet:


More peonies in the afternoon shadows:


That’s it for this week; I’m off to New York for a few days to work a trade show, see friends, […]

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