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Chocolate Cake

Those two words just might stop you in your tracks.
I much prefer cake over pie… so it was no wonder I stopped and looked, and looked again, and printed out this recipe from
Nancie McDermott for Chocolate Pound Cake.

This is from her book, Southern Cakes.

But first, my images.
I couldn’t resist showcasing tulips again! And then, with my vintage Vera tablecloth, the “scene” began to take shape.





Rather than print the entire recipe here, I’ll send you over to her link:

Recipe for Nancie’s Chocolate Pound Cake

Believe me, this is GOOD!



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If you have never had Paperwhites in your house during the winter, I strongly advise that you try some!
Paperwhites are a bulb that are easily forced indoors, in almost any pot or container.
But as in many gardening endeavors, there is a “recipe” for success!
These paperwhites are from last winter in my house:
You can grow them several different ways.
The most common is to place them in a pot, as the one above, with pebbles. Layer some pebbles, place the bulbs on them, then fill in with more pebbles all around the bulbs. Add water to just below the bulbs i.e. do NOT have water touching the bulbs. When the bulbs start to show some green growth, add some more water, but never have the bulbs soaking in the water….. only the roots should be in water.
You can also simply put a few bulbs in a glass cylinder vase. How easy is that? I use a vase that is 5″ in diameter and which will hold 2 bulbs (3 if the bulbs are small, […]


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Just how G O R G E O U S are these?
No, they are not from my garden.
I couldn’t resist when I saw them at the local market.
And such fun to photograph!

They almost don’t look real (but they are!).


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Yes ma’am… it’s true love! I A D OR E  hydrangeas. 
We “inherited” one pink and one white when we moved here.
Here is the pink one during the last month:

P.S. I had wanted to add some neat frames around all these images, but don’t have Flash installed yet as we just finished setting up this new iMac yesterday. It all takes time, right?
And the white:
And my brand new, “Cityline Rio”.
Take a look and tell me if you don’t just love it….

It’s small, which is perfect for my courtyard garden, and just so beautiful. I’ll post more pictures as the season progresses so we can all see how the color changes. And dried? They will be gorgeous, I’m sure!
One last item.
Look at these fabulous “architectural salvage” pieces I bought. Yes, we went back to Melville Trading in Mebane and found these. Someone at that store has a really good eye!
So, I’ve now added more to this growing collection and […]


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The Hellebores are here! With their pale pink and pale, creamy white flowers they are making a statement in my winter garden.

Very spring-like here mixed with daffodils, all in a yellow pitcher

And here is THE book to buy for the best information on Hellebores:
Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide” by Burrell & Tyler.
The authors just happen to own Pine Knot Farms in Clarkesville, Virginia where every February they host the “Hellebore Festival”. Hundreds of plants for sale, lots of information, and a beautiful day out in the countryside. 


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It’s Monday! And, I know, I am way off schedule in my posting here. I’ll try to get back on track later this week. 

I have a wonderful post for you about a day in Provence… but it’s not quite ready.
So in the meantime: a friend just sent me this video and I thought you might like to sit back and enjoy!

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