Yes ma’am… it’s true love! I A D OR E  hydrangeas. 
We “inherited” one pink and one white when we moved here.
Here is the pink one during the last month:

P.S. I had wanted to add some neat frames around all these images, but don’t have Flash installed yet as we just finished setting up this new iMac yesterday. It all takes time, right?
And the white:
And my brand new, “Cityline Rio”.
Take a look and tell me if you don’t just love it….

It’s small, which is perfect for my courtyard garden, and just so beautiful. I’ll post more pictures as the season progresses so we can all see how the color changes. And dried? They will be gorgeous, I’m sure!
One last item.
Look at these fabulous “architectural salvage” pieces I bought. Yes, we went back to Melville Trading in Mebane and found these. Someone at that store has a really good eye!
So, I’ve now added more to this growing collection and pretty soon I’ll have to make some decisions: where and how to hang and display it. This will take some time….

I put one of them up against the yellow wall in the dining area. I love the color combination and the way the texture really stands out. We shall see!
Happy weekend!