Do you know the retailer,

Garnet Hill?
They do actually have an outlet store in Franconia, New Hampshire, but most of their business is on-line.

I have been a very faithful customer for years and years; I think I started ordering from them in the late 80’s!

I will start this short post by saying HOW much I adore this “store.”

Their sheets are, with maybe one exception, the ONLY brand I buy. Ever. And I don’t buy the Eileen Fisher or Wamsutta or anything else they actually do sell but rather I only buy their own brand. The percale sheets are superb. They fit beautifully, they wash superbly, they last for at least fifteen years (remember, I don’t own a clothes dryer!), and they iron easily. 

Yes, you will see a set of their sheets hanging in my laundry room about every ten days.

Recently I have had a yen for linen sheets. I looked and looked and researched and realized I wanted the softest possible fabric, as per many reviews. So, of course, I went to Garnet Hill.

This is what I bought:


Well, you just never know, do you? I washed them and put them on the bed. After about five nights husband said he really DID NOT like them. They were rough, the fitted sheet bunched up and really didn’t fit very well. The pillow case, for him, was a non-starter: he took it off after the first night.

Me, well, I really really wanted to like them! I washed them again and we slept in them for about another week. But it just was not going to work.

I needed to return them; used and worn and I no longer had the original packing slip or packaging.

Now take a look at what is on many pages on their website:

So, yes, I was able to return the full set. And I received a full refund on my credit card: not a store credit. Thank you, Garnet Hill Customer Service.

Then, as I looked over their site once again (this is a weekly occurrence here!) I saw this
Coated-Linen Trench Coat.

The price, as seen above, is now $189.   But look below at my short video, and at the color I had found when it was listed for $79.  I am very very happy with it! Garnet Hill does have great sales, and often, but you just need to keep looking or sign up for their emails. Really, you won’t be sorry!


Have you shopped at Garnet Hill?
Their products and their customer service are superb. No, this is not a sponsored post!
Let us know if you have had any experience with this retailer!