Did you know that white sneakers  (“trainers” for those in the U.K.!)  are THE fashion look?

I’ve watched them grow in popularity for maybe two years; it was particularly evident in London. White sneakers and print dresses or skirts.  Last fall, when I was there at the Chelsea Flower Show, I wore what I considered a “city” look: black pants, top, scarf and long navy cardigan.  Here’s the pic of me , leaving for the show:

No, no white sneakers but also no print clothing anywhere!  Note to self: remedy this for next trip!

We will be in London in a few short weeks and, as always, what to wear/bring is an exciting challenge.

I’ve been ordering many pairs of white sneakers. Ordering, and having deliveries, is so easy these days, isn’t it? Moreover, the return process has become so simplified and efficient. I’ve been using two main sources: Zappos and Vionic.

Vionic has become my #1 go-to source for all kinds of shoes: from slippers to sandals to sneakers to flats. I find they have great arch support and really, support in general. Even the slides and flip-flops have support. For anyone with foot problems I highly recommend this brand!

So let’s take a look at some of the offerings:

Vionic Pismo
Vionic Galia
Vionic Stinson
Vionic Breilyn

I came to like, and then want, white sneakers over a long period of time! I am just not a sneaker person. For me a nice pair of ballet flats, or in my advancing age(!) some comfortable slip ons or stylish boots in colder weather: this is my footwear of choice. Sneakers just seemed so….. what?…. clunky. And tie-ups? Never, I said.

But when you begin to see something often enough and then realize, in this case, just how comfortable they might be well, one adapts. Correct?

The skirt is new from Ann Taylor. Lightweight and airy. Perfect for travel (or anywhere.)  I ordered a PXS; I am normally a size 6 and this fits perfectly.

My sneaker of choice:


Believe me, I wore these around the house for days. I even ordered a half size larger to be sure. And yes, that is the pair I ultimately kept. They fit perfectly. When I say they are comfortable I am 100% sure.

I love them. Period.

The dress is from Target. My color is out of stock, but this one is available.  I bought a Small and it fits perfectly. I mean, for $29.00 it’s a bargain!

Here are a few more ideas. I’ve tried to show you the “low top” style: just a bit less clunky and less real walking sneaker but more of a city shoe that will look right at home with a skirt or dress.

We would all love to hear your thoughts! Are you with this trend? Do you wear white sneakers? Let us know!