It’s been a while.
Where did the week go? Was it really a week? Did I lose track of time, or what?
I was attending to some personal business…some difficult personal business that was all consuming. Those of you who know me well are aware of all that I, and my family, have been going through. For everyone else I will just say that it’s been a difficult few months. I am fine: no, it’s not me. But in my limited role as a care giver it has been a tricky time.
I’m tired but I’m oh…………so glad to be home!
I had a chance to take a few photos at a market where the colors of Easter were so wonderfully brilliant that I couldn’t resist. 

And then my sister, who just returned from Hawaii, brought me these goodies!

And of COURSE I had a chance to stop by TJ Maxx where I saw these bright, wonderful, fun bags! 
The first photo is Cynthia Rowley, but I can’t remember … the name on the second set. So, you just have to go over there and see what you can find, right? 

I’m back in business, for a while. Yes indeed, I must go back up in a few weeks for an extended stay. But for now I will enjoy this beautiful spring/summer weather we are having. My tulips have all come out in my absence; the clematis looks like it could bloom any day; the viburnum have nice big buds;  and my pot of mint is ready to pick. I’ll show you some more on “Friday Flowers” this Friday!