Oh, I know. It’s been many months!

So here we are. All of us at home; some of us are beginning to emerge.

How are you doing?

The weeks turned into months and now..well..maybe you are socializing just a bit? I have a collection of masks: do you? I wear one always; not always color coordinated, but that’s life! I do generally find them hot, oh so hot, and awkward and naturally I would prefer not to wear one. I’m sure you have your own source(s) for masks, but here are several I would recommend:


jillian rene mask

This is my #1 choice from Jillian Rene Decor! Sophisticated, contemporary, unisex, well made.

I just discovered this one and really like it. All cotton. And, no ear loops. It comes in different sizes. I find these with the elastic bands are very comfortable.

Cotton face mask

All cotton, and no ear loops! This is from Proper Cloth

My husband and I both love the gaiter mask option. They are very comfortable, easy to slide down when you don’t need to wear, fully washable and somehow not as cumbersome.

This one found on Etsy at MyEcoWorld

I know….I haven’t sent out a blog post since November of 2019. That seems like years ago but then again, it seems like yesterday!

Just in case you haven’t followed me during these many months, this was the highlight of the year (and all years!):
Daughter was married in January, in London, to the most wonderful man.
What a very happy couple they are.


I have thought so many times about the blog, about all of you, about what I would like to say and show you. There are so many small things in a day that you might like to see, or learn, or experience.

And now, with the world situation we all need communication and community more than ever.

I’ve been very active on my social media of choice: Instagram!  You can see my postings by going over to the right here → Click on any image there and it will take you directly to my Instagram page.

What would you like to see here? Do you want garden posts? Makeup and self care ideas? Want to see my house and some of the recent changes? Do you want to see me? (Please say no…..!)  Want to see what few clothes I’ve been ordering and from where? I am happy to oblige with any of these suggestions: just let me know in the comments.

I am going to try to post on a fairly regular basis (what that really means is yet to be determined..)

And last, I hope you are all well and are staying safe. Last week I went to have my hair colored!!! Yes indeed. Just how long had I waited for this? I am a huge believer in doing what makes YOU feel good and for me that is hair color and aesthetic care for my skin.

Of course, I haven’t been to any stores to shop for myself (other than for food); however, I have bought just a few items on line. My new white shorts, which required a lot of research, turned out to be a perfect purchase especially as our weather is now very hot and humid…

The garden has never had so much attention or looked better; I will definitely be showing you lots of images.

Hoping to hear from you!