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Many of you know her; some of you may have seen her blog over on my sidebar:

It’s Marian St. Clair of

Marian came here to speak to our Garden Club and she was a HUGE success!


Marian and I had become friends through our blogs. I really admire and love reading her blog, Hortitopia.
She is a Master Gardener living in Greenville, South Carolina. I won’t detail here all that she does and is (it’s A LOT!); but she is not only a very accomplished professional, she is one of the nicest people you would want to know. I had, aside from being on-line friends, met her briefly last spring at the Davidson Symposium.

I knew that she gives talks to garden groups, so we invited her to speak to our group. And, because she and I were friends, I invited her to spend the night at my house. Maybe, just maybe,  a short tour of my gardens was part of my game plan and yes, indeed, she had some wonderful ideas for me! Thank you, Marian!

The title of her talk, “Growing Good Gardens….Finding Ideas & Inspiration in All the Right Places,” is just a hint at the multitude of pertinent and interesting points she made. […]


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What an intense garden and travel week!
First stop was Charlotte, North Carolina which is about two hours west of us.
Bright and early Monday morning with clear blue skies we drove over to Charlotte: First up was a private tour at

Winghaven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary
Elizabeth Lawrence Gardens

Camellia at Winghaven IMG_0416_wm Spectacular Camellia!


IMG_0411_wm One of the allées at Winghaven. Everything in this garden was hand dug over many years.


Reflecting Pond at Winghaven IMG_0420_wm The Reflecting Pond: the name says it all..


IMG_0429_wm Another gorgeous Camellia but no, I don’t know which.

I was very fortunate to secure a spot on this private tour arranged by
The Chapel Hill Garden Club. And, for any of you locals, our wonderful, gorgeous and much-anticipated Garden Tour is April 30 and May 1 of this year. If you want a ticket, contact me! I will also be a docent on Sunday morning.

Moving along to Tuesday and the
Davidson Horticultural Symposium

What can I say? I was SO pleased to have a ticket. Hearing Fergus Garrett speak on “The Garden Rooms of Great Dixter” was […]


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Let me introduce you to
Marian St Clair and her blog: Hortitopia

Marian leads garden tours (among many, many other things…) to Italy, New England and England.
The tour to England, just last month, visited
Whichford Pottery

Be prepared to have instant envy! These garden pots are beyond beautiful. But please do go to Hortitopia and read Marian’s blog post all about her group’s visit.


dsc_8595-e1444591475635 She brought home this one gorgeous pot! Suitcase limitations can be very difficult…..


This video is spectacular. Watch as Adam Keeling works his magic in throwing pots. Watch the entire video: it is very special!

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Flowers garden moment. And please do go back and follow Hortitopia.


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