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It’s time to begin “The Fall Cleanup” in the garden.
Parts of my garden were a TOTAL mess! Between hot weather, a good growing season, and, yes indeed, neglect…they were in need of some careful attention.
Here are my three projects I’ve been working on and perhaps they will help you get started in your own garden cleanup.

#l.  Give Your Perennials Some Love

I cut back some of the perennials. I don’t always like to do this as the birds just love those seed heads. Those tall Rudbeckia maximus seed heads are like manna to the gold finch: they were right outside our dining room and so charming to watch.

I call these “graduation portraits.” The final image, for the season, of various flowers…





#2 Refresh Your Planters

I really love planters and have a growing collection. Our Japanese Maple, in the enclosed terrace area, is impossible to dig around and thus, I can’t plant anything of any size in the ground. Planters to the rescue!
We love the orange, especially mixed with the deep blues and teal.

 I’ve filled it with an