There’s a new kid in town!
Wall Pop’s by Jonathan Adler and they’re really cool. The news appeared in my inbox just as I was starting my search for wall decals… serendipity indeed. 
This is the one I just might buy: 
And this is where I want them to go. I was thinking of decals, or possibly a stencil. Considered wallpaper, but I’m not a fan. 
At first I thought of a decal that would sort of “grow” up from the baseboard: either tall grasses, or maybe a tree of some kind? hmmm
But then the “Wall Pops” arrived in my inbox and I think….. that’s it!
Using that pattern above, here is a possibility. Pretty elaborate?
or a simpler, stripe version:
Back to Wall Pops.
They also make decal wall i.e. dry erase calenders; clever no?
and dry-erase dots:
and “Privacy Window Film”:
Take a look at the all new Wall Pops! and let me know what you think.