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Just when we thought the hottest part of the summer was behind us…wham!….it his hot hot hot here again.
Each year, as a gardener, I find new and different plants that (I hope) will do well in the prolonged hot spells here. Luckily I DID install two separate watering systems a few years ago: they are absolute life-savers when we go away. I don’t think I would have a garden at all without them…

Zinnias, of course, are at their peak now. And the lime green, from FloretFarms, has not disappointed. It also looks fabulous in all my arrangements and photos with the dark dahlias, verbena bonariensis and my most loved scabiosa black knight.


In all its glory:


I have several Guara plants on my “southern slope” that always do well in May and June. Then they begin to die out. So this year I cut them way, way back (always a difficult task as you just never know…..) and yes indeed, they came back beautifully in August.


And the hyacinth bean vine!
We started these early, in a greenhouse, so they were ready to plant outside in early April. And they absolutely took off. I […]


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The garden keeps giving.

The weather has been warm and sunny with cooler nights. It’s dry so we’re still using the sprinklers, and everybody is very happy outside!

Here is my camellia hiemalis “Pink Serenade”. I just checked the tag and yes, it is fall blooming. My notebook also says I just planted it on 11/24/13, less than a year ago. It is very happy here in its new home! Here it is with one of
Kim Klassen’s textures in the background: I love the contrast of the green/gray leaves with the gray texture.
IMG_5046 filter_wma

 As for my nasturtiums…well, they were SO pathetic by the end of August that I pulled out most of them. And now I see the joke is on me: down here they begin to thrive in late September! The summer is too hot and the sun too strong for them until fall when the straggly looking plants kind of hop to and come alive and begin flowering. Note to self: plant seeds in a more shaded area and be patient!



And, of course, the zinnias.




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What is happening in the garden this week?
We haven’t yet had a freeze…but they say it could happen tonight! So I went out and cut down the remaining zinnias. There is (almost) nothing worse than seeing zinnias and dahlias prone and blackened after a hard frost has hit them. No, I don’t need to see that. Better to cut them all and bring inside to enjoy this very-end-of-season color…..
Aren’t they gorgeous?
I added a pink Japanese Anemone and some lavender.
I have two lavender plants that are thriving; most of the others were hit very hard with so much rain and soggy soil so I’ve had to dig them up.
How about this lovely Michaelmas Daisy? Isn’t it charming, set in the green ground cover?
 One of my Guara plants. I cut them back in August and they have started flowering again.
And I love (if I may say so…) the way the light is streaked in this image!
For a complete look at […]


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Summer is going on…. and on…..and on!
It’s hot and dry here, and the pool temperature is 83 and I am
loving it!
Mexican petunia
Sunflowers, and more sunflowers
I have had SO much trouble with sunflower seeds: the chipmunks just love them.
 I had to surround the area with lightweight wire, spray constantly, and generally baby them until they were at least a foot tall. But it was SO worth it, don’t you think?
Lots of zinnias. We all love zinnias, right?
Butterfly enjoying the lantana!
Enjoy your weekend everyone…

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