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Winter has really hit hard, hasn’t it?
All of you in the Northeast know that for sure, and the rest of us are with you in needing some bright, pretty colors in our lives. Gardening season is not yet here, but the days ARE getting longer and the birds are beginning to think about their trek northward,  and the seed catalogs have arrived!

In anticipation of sunny days ahead, I began to gather some yellow for you.
Now, maybe you know how much I love yellow. I’ve always been a huge fan, even when it seemed no one else was. I think the bottom line is that it suits my personality


Yellow Collage

#1.   #2.   #3.   #4.   #5.   #6.   #7.   #8.   #9.   #10.   #11.

And then, there is just plain happy yellow all around us. Here are some images I found from various places on the web….all a little bit different and unique but all reflect that sunshine color: Y E L L O W.
How […]