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Wool has many wonderful qualities: it’s a natural fiber; it’s a good insulator and thus has the ability to keep you warm in winter; it is naturally flame resistant; it is a very durable fiber.

I know, I know….there are allergies associated with wool. I, for one, cannot wear wool next to my skin as I will start to itch very quickly. A thin layer of cotton or silk solves that. For bedding…well, it can’t be beat. I’ll do a post in the fall all about wool blankets and show you a huge variety of them (post is already in the works!)  But for now, let’s talk about how to keep your woolens safe during the summer months.

Moths love wool. Have you ever gone to your closet or drawer in the fall only to discover those tiny holes in a sweater that magically “appeared” over the summer? I’ve had two cashmere sweaters that suffered from that fate. Luckily, I am fairly good at darning holes (thanks, Mom) so was able to rescue them. And many cleaners have a service to help you.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep your woolens, whether bedding or clothing, fresh and ready for the next season: