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The date was getting closer and closer for my annual hosting of our women’s group.

This group, here in my village, meets once a month; it’s always a Saturday morning and is totally social i.e. no agenda at all. Someone volunteers to host it each month so it rotates throughout the year. Lots of coffee and tea and then whatever food the hostess wants to make or serve.

So…combine that with Tiny Prints contacting me a few months ago to see if we could work together on some kind of “event” and the result was some added pizzaz to this party!

Let’s go through the steps involved in planning and executing a girlfriends’
“Sunshine Spring Party.”

1.  Invitations

In my case, the guest list is totally managed by one person who does it every month. An email is sent to the guest list (over 100 women!) and the RSVP is sent to me/hostess email.
But, thanks to TinyPrints, I DID have some actual paper invitations which are colorful and on target. They also added IMG_5934_wm

2. Theme
My color is orange. You know I love […]