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Yes, there are signs of Spring in my neighborhood!

The Hellebores have emerged although most are still burrowed down in the leaves. If you will recall I went last spring up to Pine Knot Farms  

Hellebores are fairly new to me and I love them: such harbingers of Spring and so lovely as cut flowers.

I will definitely be posting more of these as the season progresses!

Look at these hyacinths pushing their way upward. I only hope they don’t get zapped with a really cold night; but they are facing West so maybe will stay warm enough..


The hellebore foetidus is one of my favorites to cut. The greenery is so lush in any arrangement.


The daffodils have started to spring up everywhere. This was taken five days ago: they are twice as tall now!


Even the Larkspur has emerged. I planted many, many more seeds in the fall so I should have a wonderful crop of these lovely flowers!


The Pansies are […]