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How to best protect your perennials and shrubs from bitter cold?

No matter where you live in the Northern Hemisphere, we are deep into winter.
And much of the United States has seen VERY cold temperatures in the last week. Even here, in North Carolina, it has been about 15° for the last few nights. I realize it is now January and maybe you feel it’s too late to lend your garden some help. No! It’s never too late. The bitter cold, and/or heavy snow is certainly an issue. But almost worse is later in the season as the temperatures can vary so much within any 24 hour period. A really cold night can come on quickly and all it takes is one night of very cold temperatures to destroy a plant.

Take heart. You can order a cover, make a cover, or even just use a sheet in no time at all.

Here are a few suggestions and links you may want to consider:


Let’s start with some general ideas on how to protect your plants.

The best way is to cover them. This is almost foolproof. But the downside is you have to remember to put a cover over your plants each cold night…and depending on the […]