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The day finally arrived for the new SILGRANIT sink and
Quartz countertops.

We have never, in all the many, many years we have been married and owned houses, done such a renovation to a kitchen! I know, so many people gut and renovate (almost at the drop of a hat, it seems…) but for us this was truly a first. We have painted, we have had new appliances, we’ve installed new lighting but this is the first time I have actually chosen a new sink and countertop!

IMG_1875_wm This is the now-gone Corian counter and sink.


IMG_1922_wm Oh that sink…it never got really clean.

And, ta da, here is the new one:



But, of course, it’s not just the new sink that is SO fabulous, but the new countertops.
We chose Viatera ‘Minuet’ Quartz. Yes, it looks a lot like marble, doesn’t it? But I definitely did not want marble and was not crazy about the granite choices. Our center island is granite, but it’s dark and looks wonderful. I’m not a fan of the lighter granite colors as they show so much […]