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It’s Friday and time for some flowers.

We entertained last weekend and a friend brought me this most wonderful bunch of cut hyacinths. I’ve been watching them open and develop their lovely scent, all week. Now they sit in my studio; I have the door shut and it’s warm in here and they smell heavenly!





IMG_5672_wm Here they are in front of my computer, five days later. Faded and lighter, but still smelling wonderful.


And now, because it’s almost Valentines Day, here’s a spot of red and pink!


Image 1b_wm Couldn’t resist trying it in the Waterlogue app….

Hope you all will have a nice Valentines celebration and restful weekend!



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Some Valentines happenings around here!


Gift packaging and a crafty card for someone special!
(love that Washi tape, don’t you?)





What could be nicer than red and white tulips?




It’s been a very strange week for many of us with snow, sleet and ice. We’ve been housebound for days; we’ve brought out the heavy snow boots we thought we would never, ever have to use again; and we’ve been very busy on social media to connect with friends.

It’s going to get warmer! And yes, spring is just around the corner. Hope you all stay safe and warm and […]


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I dropped HUGE hints that these were available to buy!
We will see.
In any case, here is what I’m making for dinner tonight:

French Pan-Fried Trout!

Take a look at Chez Bonne Femme and while you’re there do browse and see all that Wini Moranville has to offer both on the blog and her cookbook:

And then for dessert:



We will have these yummies, served on a “Libby Wilkie” original-designed plate!


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Just a few more weeks to go until

Valentines Day.
I was looking around Etsy (and a few other places), knowing I would find some wonderful things, and sure enough, they did not disappoint me. I went looking for “seasonal items”: things that were not necessarily red (or pink), that didn’t necessarily have hearts anywhere on them, and items that could/would be used for a while. There were certainly lots of hearts; lots of vintage paper valentines; and oh so much red and pink.
But here are some more unusual and unique finds that I think you may like!
This was love at first sight! Great shawl/wrap (and it comes in other colors).
Passion Petals” watercolor for year round viewing.
Graphic crochet necklace!
A fun “window garland” ; this from Noodlehead blog.
Toile pillow: it looks vintage, but is fresh and new
Fun clutch made from red paper […]
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