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So many things going on around here. And so little time.

I leave for London in less than a week. tomorrow! (I started writing this post a week ago..)
And yes, it’s COLD over there so it’s back to winter clothes. Of course, that means I need to think about foot wear. Boots. Oh no…thought I was finished with them for the season! I think low black booties will do: no need for the tall leather. Anyway, there is only so much room in a suitcase!

And then we have the on-going shoe debate. I am not comfortable in anything that laces; I need slip ons. That is why, of course, summer is SO much easier!

Anyway, here are my new shoes. After ordering two pairs of Geox (pricey..) and testing them out in the house for a few hours I decided they just were not right. They also did not come in half sizes, so I ordered down and they were a tad too tight. So off to DSW last Saturday where I found several great alternatives and ended up with these from Dr. Scholl’s.

I  tested them for hours, and days, around the house and finally wore them outside. Yes, they will do. More than do: they are perfect.