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Do you wear pearls?
Pearls come in many, many different varieties: very expensive to very inexpensive, pure white to cream to pink, small beads to extra large beads, single strand to multi.
There was a time when I thought pearls were….well…old ladyish. No other way to put it. They were something my grandmothers wore and they even had a sort of musty, (old lady?) smell. No, not for me!
Well, at least the classic, single or maybe double strand was definitely not for me.
In my twenties I would wear, in a heartbeat, any of the Kenneth Jay Lane pearls! They were not expensive; they were often designed with extra large or multi strands; the clip earrings were BIG and showy. Yes, those I would wear.
My Mother didn’t really know how I felt. She, of course, wore her very classic pearls with her Margaret Jerrold shoes and Lily Pulitzer dresses. What I wouldn’t give for some of those right now! How times change and what goes round comes round, no? Anyway, what should my Mother give me for my Thirtieth Birthday but a single strand of pearls! It was a true classic, in a brushed velvet case, from J. E. Caldwell in Philadelphia.
Hmmmm. Did I like […]