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Let’s take a q u i c k look at the “before” pictures of my office/studio. I say quick because we don’t want to dwell on them, and the mess, too long…
It was a mess.
The bulletin board of homasote looked either forlorn or lost or somewhere in between!
The black horizontal file drawers didn’t add a lot of appeal or character to the room with my
(read all about it here) new desk.


Those two shelves on the wall, suspended over the chair, did nothing either visually or organizationally (is that a word?).  I’ve had those shelves for years and years and like them because those metal end brackets mean I can actually put books there and they don’t fall off. But they had seen better days.
Take a look at my Pinterest board for ideas I have been collecting for many months. You can see the white cabinet/dark top theme half way down on the left there. It was very helpful to have these images and “see” if they would work for me.
One of the main problems was how to create more surface area. I didn’t want to have an art table (anyway, I had just […]