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Container gardening is one of the things I love most about gardening.

 I love the colors and textures (surprise, surprise, right?)

Containers can, sometimes, be the only way to garden in a difficult spot. We have a Japanese Maple in our terrace garden that totally prevents me from digging into the ground below it. Containers to the rescue!

They add dimension to certain spaces. The tall green one below forms an end point in one garden and raises the eye a bit.

I’ve always liked containers by a front entrance. In my case, we have brick steps leading to a brick porch area with the front door. What a perfect place for containers. The only problem here is it faces directly west with that very hot afternoon sun so I have to be very careful with what plants will survive. Succulents have, over the years here, been the best choice.


containers in my garden

Here is a photo I had put into Instagram back in February. You can see what was, to my eye, pure garden candy! Oh the colors. So, of course, I went back and bought that orange one you see at beginning of this post. Do I love it? […]

FRIDAY FLOWERS (and a helpful hint)

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Some highlights from my garden this week:
Finally, these gorgeous day lilies are blooming. It’s taken them three full years to come into their own!
My red dahlias: I love how the light came through the petals.
Hydrangea love.
This white one is small; we inherited it in the garden and it’s one of the few things we didn’t pull out.


My newest hydrangea: Rio


Coreopsis, or tickseed. So cheerful!
And now: helpful hint of the day
I’ve posted this before but I think it is worth showing you again, especially for those new to the blog.
We have all wondered how to deal with large planters and the enormous amounts of potting soil it requires to actually fill said planter. And how heavy they become.
Let me introduce you to UPS-A-DAISY!


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 What to do with really large planters?

and other helpful hints

They are SO big. Do you fill them with dirt? Oh so heavy.. Do you use plastic peanuts in the bottom? They get very soggy… Do you put a plastic pot inside the terra cotta or ceramic planter? Not a great look…

It’s been a “garden problem” for years!

Problem solved. Go on over to Ups-a-Daisy. Mine arrived today, Wednesday after placing my order on Sunday. No extra charge, just fast service! You might also find them at your local garden center; I wasn’t able to so ordered on line.






It’s an insert. It sits about half way down the pot (measure carefully)…meaning that you then only need to fill the top half (about) of your pot.

Problem solved!


Do you have any handy helpers you can share with us?


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