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What better birthday treat than a day at the spa!

February was the birthday month for a good friend of mine and her celebration of choice was a day at the spa.

Neither of us had ever been to
The Umstead Spa
at the Umstead Hotel in Cary, N.C., so off we went.  The hotel lobby is lovely and features artwork from local painters and sculptors that is really outstanding. The flowers are eye catching, and the outdoor terraces make you long for warmer weather.

My friend definitely wanted to have a facial, so we each signed in for this service. I had never had a facial…. yes, never. Many massages, a hot stone massage,  mud baths (a favorite of mine!) along with the luxury pedicure and manicure etc. etc., but never a facial.

Umstead Collage 1

Umstead Collage 2

If you have ever been to a spa you know the immediate relaxation and immersion in an other worldly experience that awaits you the minute you put on that white robe! All is quiet. You sip exotic tea served in simple white cups and can choose from dried berries and nuts and immediately you feel healthy […]