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Here are the planters I had seen at Southern States
and just HAD to have one.


I bought this green one:

IMG_4804_wm This was a HUGE debate! I loved all the colors, but this seemed right…


Step One

There were no drainage holes in the bottom and for succulents this is an absolute must. You need to have good drainage and the right soil mix. So out came the handy drill; we made about eight holes in the bottom.



Step Two

The soil and the mix is very important. You want a loose, granular, well draining soil so the roots will not rot with too much water. I actually bought a Cactus Mix then added some sand. Underneath that I put some pink bark mulch, as suggested by one of our local nurseries, The Unique Plant. 


IMG_4805_wm Here are the plants they sold me…whoops, that Euphorbia snuck in there!


Step Three

Choose your plants and put them in. Again, from The Unique Plant, I put in agave lophantha […]