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Don’t you love it when you find a product that REALLY helps to solve a long standing problem?

Emme Bag IMG_6436b_wm

Every time I travel, I struggle with how to put all those bottles, tubes, containers and makeup in the appropriate toiletry kit. I rarely carry on a suitcase, so what we’re talking about here is what goes into my checked bag. I’ve tried many types of kits: bulky fold overs, box-type, clear bags, opaque bags, all in one kits, and (to me, worst of all!) using up to six kits for one trip. Let me say, I really don’t think I travel with all that much! I try to follow all the “travel rules”– put shampoo, conditioner, lotions etc in travel size plastic bottles, buy the tiny tube of toothpaste and mini dental floss etc etc. Nevertheless, all those mini’s just DO add up.


It was a mess. Yes, those print bags make a cute set and yes, they do hold a lot. But bulky and awkward? More than over the top on that. That big square bag in the set is usually overflowing with all shapes and sizes of bottles and containers.