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It was time for another travel adventure..so off we went to
Coastal North Carolina
No, not a beach, but Pamlico Sound and the historic towns of Washington, Bath and Belhaven.

Our room was right on the water (it was actually in a marina) so we had these gorgeous views:


Our adventures took place around these towns:


Let’s talk about the cotton fields. We had seen a bit of cotton grown on the way to Savannah and Charleston but NEVER anything on this scale.There were fields and fields, as far as the eye could see, filled with puffy white cotton balls. It was HOT out there. We stopped several times to get a closeup look at the plants, the bolls, and the process. I had never, ever really seen or known just how awful it would be to go out in those fields day after day. Back breaking and soul breaking work. Now, of course, it is all picked by machine. But I cannot imagine picking by hand: the plants and bolls are rough and ragged, the soil is parched and overgrown with weeds and the sun. Well, the heat and sun were almost unbearable to us after ten minutes out there.

Cotton fields


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What a wonderful surprise!

We went up to Richmond, Virginia to meet my sister and her husband who had travelled down from Boston. Unfortunately it was pouring (as in cats and dogs) the day we drove up, but the rain stopped within a few hours and was just drizzling and gray the rest of our stay. While we did the usual touristy things, we also exchanged small gifts (we don’t see each other often…)

Those of you who know me know my sister was an M.D. at a major city hospital. She retired last year and now is very, very involved in a ceramic studio! Quel changement, non? Quite a change. She is happy, happy being there but more than that, she is producing some really lovely items. Her latest endeavors have been with bone china; knowing my flower addiction she brought me two vases.

Take a look at these and you too will be envious!





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