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What I’m reading and what I recommend to you!


 “When I Married My Mother”
Clever title that makes you want to take a look, for sure.
Slight disclaimer here: the author, Jo Maeder, is a friend of mine….

But nevertheless, this is one fascinating book and should definitely be on your list!

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“An irreverent New York City DJ braces for disaster when she moves to the Bible Belt to care for her estranged mother. What unfolds in this best-selling memoir is a hilarious, heartbreaking love story that sees eldercare and making peace with the past in a whole new way. “

All the above and SO much more. Jo’s Mother was a hoarder. She was alone. She had the beginnings of dementia. She was stubborn. For all of you out there who have cared for a parent or older person, or for those of you who may be seeing that in your future, this is the book for you. And, it’s funny, it’s poignant and because Jo and I had been friends for a year or two before I ever read this, I now see my friend in a new light.