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The sun is really dangerous, as I have found out.
Luckily, I have discovered this in time…in time to take better care of my skin and myself. But oh, the damage that was done many years ago is something I don’t like to think about.
So for all of you young ‘uns out there, you just have to trust us that it’s not good for you.
Of course, block out is essential. But today I’m going to talk about, and show you some suggestions for, sun protective clothing and accessories. No, not “your grandmother’s style”, but hip, fun, stylish and fun clothing that you just might consider wearing. I am about to order some of these…
My latest find is Coolibar. This was my dermatologist’s preferred brand. All their clothing has a 98% UV protection rate, and 50% UPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor). Aside from those statistics, they have great styles!
Here is what I am considering at the moment:
First: Cover-ups aka long sleeve help
These are just plain great coverups. You can roll them, scrunch them into a ball, use as shown or as a wrap, behind your head on a plane, or even as a bathing […]