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“The first time ever I saw……”

our kitchen


it had very plain white: walls, woodwork, cabinets, knobs, faucet. The parquet floors are throughout the downstairs: not my favorite, but I can live with them (for a while…)! But the REAL question was color. We have several different design “areas” going on here: the walls, of course, the wall just above the counters (aka backsplash), the gray corian counter tops, the butcher block island top, and…don’t forget:

the ceiling!

Yes, the first time I saw this room my eye went directly upward to that great expanse of ceiling. It called out for some real color.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s go back to the walls. Here is the main counter area:


We thought we would paint the back splash area, and one of my first testers was that wonderful “Mysterious” from Benjamin Moore that we had used, so successfully, in the lavatory. And yes, I will give you another post about that wonderful little room and some more great details in there. Maybe next week?


Needless to say, the Mysterious didn’t work so well in the kitchen! Yellow? Gray? The debate went on for weeks […]