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Time to head South and travel to St. Augustine, Florida!

This is an old…as in founded in 1565…historic city on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.

It sits directly on the inland waterway. It is, of course, very residential but also has become a tourist destination. There are lots of hotels, inns, and B&Bs both in the town and along the beach. Parts of the city have been preserved very well: there are pedestrian friendly streets; the water is always present and it is very walkable. On the other hand, there are the usual commercial areas and storefronts selling to tourists. As with so many places these days, it pays to do your homework and get a feel for what you want and where it is located.

We were right in the old town but took a drive out to the Lighthouse and then down along the beach for many miles. Lucky for us it was mid-week and a rainy day…no crowds at all and so peaceful.

The day we went out to the beach was gray and foggy and drizzly which made for an empty beach to walk, and perfect for photos!


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