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I realize not everyone has had nice, or even decent, weather lately. Between snow, cold and rain it has not been a great winter for many of us. So, of course, flowers are few and far between (except those luscious tulips at the store!)
We are fortunate to have a somewhat milder climate here in Zone 7b. This doesn’t mean we don’t get a lot of rain and grey days…but it does begin to warm up for many days in February.

Thank goodness I planted many new daffodils last fall. They are so easy, the deer don’t eat them, and oh do they put on a show in early Spring!


I had totally forgotten I put in these cute, bright Anemone Blanda/Grecian Windflower,  last fall.


The tulips are coming! I had an overflow of bulbs last fall so stuck these in pots just outside the back door. Have no idea what they are….which will be fun!


One of my hellebores from Pine Knot Farms:
‘Penny’s Pink’


Even the Iberis/Candytuft has popped open in a sunny, protected site.


Pansies do well here in […]