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It always surprises me…just how early Spring arrives here in North Carolina.
Having made it through December and January I still think of winter hanging on for at least a month or two. But wait…… that was when I lived up North!

We have certainly had our share of grey, drizzly days here but we have also had some gorgeous, warm days. It is on those days that the flowering trees have taken off (see below) and the bulbs have produced cutting-worthy flowers.

Take a look at some images from the last few days:

Okame Cherry



Winter Honeysuckle (lonicera fragrantissima)


Star Magnolia


Magnolia ‘Ann’


My Pansies: and yes, I have been feeding them for a few weeks now!



Hyacinths. These seem to spread rapidly and in unexpected places!


I have made a note in my garden journal to plant more daffodils in the fall. Such a delicate scent. Some bi-color and white would be very nice!

We’re back to colder days at the moment but oh my, the […]