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It has been a week of exploding color and warm weather! Really…it’s only February? We are all concerned that by April all the spring color will have appeared…and disappeared. My tulips have been at their peak, for the past six years, about April 1. And that is the day I have my annual hosted women’s group. The tulips make quite a show in my front gardens. Well, this year…who knows. We shall see!

In the meantime I wanted to tell you about my upgrade from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7. And then, a week later, I upgraded again to the 7Plus.

It is beyond fabulous!! I love the larger size: it still fits my hand just fine (an initial concern) and the screen is SO much easier to read and navigate.

And then we come to the Camera and the brand new “Portrait” setting. Take a look at the images below. The top one of each pair is the regular “Square” setting. The bottom of each pair is the “Portrait.” You get that wonderful blurred background.


I have (almost) no need to use my Canon DSLR as this “camera” does it all. And, as they say, the camera that works best for […]