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It’s that time of year again!


IMG_6101_wm This might be Moonstone, but I’m not sure. The established plant came with the house.


IMG_6148_wm And this one is, I think, Sarah Bernhardt. Any one know for sure? It might be a little too deep in color. In any case, it’s gorgeous and always flowers about a week later.


IMG_7621_wm I played with light levels here to get this washed out look; nice with the white flowers…

The leaves in these two images are Solomon’s Seal/ polygonatum. I had actually never heard of it until we moved here and a friend gave me a few cuttings. Not much happened for two years, but now…they have exploded. Mine are in partial shade and loving it.


And some more of the variegated Solomon’s Seal in a mixed bouquet:


More peonies in the afternoon shadows:


That’s it for this week; I’m off to New York for a few days to work a trade show, see friends, […]