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We all have electrical outlets. Everywhere. And until now they were pretty ordinary and just…well, they just did their job. Right?

SnapPower: The Outlet Reinvented


This is one very cool product! You simply replace your electrical outlet switchplate
with one from 
It takes about 5 minutes. See that tiny dot at the bottom of the cover? That is the light sensor so that when it’s dark, those 3 lights at the bottom come on as guidelight/nightlights. Nothing to do, nothing too turn on or off, no battery to run down.

We installed ours yesterday and it works beautifully! It’s in the kitchen, as you enter, and provides a perfect light in the dark.

And, product #2 that we tested:

The SnapPower USB Charger


Again, this is one cool product! Same idea: replace your current outlet cover with this one. Except that this one has a built-in USB charger at the bottom! So easy and convenient. I am using one in my office now and loving it.

We are definitely going to order more. And they have other products: lightswitch nightlight plates […]