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We’re back with another edition to the new column of Libby’s Likes.  I have so many fun things to share with you that it’s hard to decide which to feature. I’ll try to keep them varied in each post, and of course, the subjects will change with the seasons and what I’m liking at the moment.

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Real Vermont Maple Syrup

This week it’s one of our family must-haves: maple syrup from Vermont. Nothing else will do. Ever. You can always find it at grocery stores, in those small pint and mini-pint bottles for an exorbitant price or you can go to Vermont and buy some. While I realize that isn’t possible for many of you, try and mail order by the half gallon or better yet, the gallon. It will stay totally fresh in the fridge for a long….time (years?). We brought back a gallon last summer from Weston, Vermont and now I wish I had bought two gallons.

In this slide show you will see how I “decant” the syrup into a glass bottle for easier use (and hope my husband doesn’t drink the entire thing by the next […]