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My skin care regimen doesn’t really change for the summer…but I do have some new products I’ve come across and wanted to share.

I’ve always used a mild soap, morning and night, on my face. I don’t use a cleanser of any kind. The soap I am loving now, and have been using for almost a year, is
Avene Trixera Nutri-Fluid Cleanser

It’s light, has a subtle scent, washes easily and is great for dry or irritated skin. The aesthetic center I go to had first recommended it after laser treatment..and I love it. A bottle lasts me for about six months; I put some in a small bottle for travel.


Another fabulous new (to me) product is
Restorsea PRO Intensive Hand Treatment

I went to a luncheon to hear the founder of this company talk about her products. Now, I know…this is a total promotional deal. However, I have now gone through two tubes of this and it is FABULOUS.  I use it on back of my hands 3x/day. But…I asked her, at the end of the seminar, about my chest. (Actually, of course, I showed her!)  Lots of sun damage and small bumps and just YUCK.  […]